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Skills for a LifetimeFull Wilderness First Responder
8 Day Certification Course (minimum age: 16)
This intensive Wilderness First Responder course (WFR) equips participants with the knowledge and skills to evaluate medical emergencies and make decisions concerning field treatment and evacuation priorities. This is the premier course recommended for outdoor education professionals, guides, wilderness instructors, hunters, people working in remote areas and/or outdoor enthusiasts who may spend extended periods of time in the back-country on expeditions with friends or family.

Upcoming Courses: April 4-11, 2014
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Experiential Facilitator Level 1
2 Day Certification Experience
Experiential Education is quite literally learning by doing and Experiential Facilitation is the art of masterfully supporting others as they learn, develop, reflect and excavate meaning from experiential pursuits. The research is clear about the need to engage people’s differentiated learning styles, but often people find themselves at a loss for some unique, proven and effective strategies for truly capturing their audience’s interest and imaginations. This program expertly explores the role of adventure and outdoor activities as powerful and often therapeutic catalysts for development, learning engagement and the building of important, personal Life Assets. This program is ideal for Teachers and other Educators looking to deepen their tool boxes or broaden their spectrum of approaches and is an absolute core competency for those seeking works as Outdoor Professionals.

Upcoming Courses: April 5-6, 2014
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Wilderness Advanced First Aid (WAFA)Wilderness Advanced First Aid (WAFA)
4 Day Certification Course (minimum age: 16)
Wilderness Advanced First Aid (WAFA) introduces you to the concepts of back-country medicine beyond standard First Aid courses you may have taken and teaches a number of essential wilderness medical protocols. You will learn how to treat injuries when you are in contexts hours or days from a hospital & how to give care in extreme environments of cold, heat, or altitude. Specifically designed for the unique demands of remote settings, this program highlights preventative measures for environmental challenges and helps arm participants with fantastic diagnostic systems and new levels of awareness in applying first aid in the wilderness

Upcoming Courses: April 4-7, 2014
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Be cool  and focused when it countsWilderness First Responder Re-cert
4 Day Re-certification Course (minimum age: 16)
Keep your Wilderness First Responder Certification up to date! This intensive Wilderness First Responder Re-cert (WFRR) course re-sets the clock on your 3 year certification in Wilderness First Responder regardless of what provider issued your original certification. Often a great chance to socialize & catch up with classmates from your original WFR or alternatively a phenomenal opportunity to network with other professionals, organizations and perspective employers in the outdoor industry!

Courses: April 8-11, 2014
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Wilderness First Responder Bridge
4 Day Certification Experience
The 4 day Wilderness First Responder Bridge (WFRB) course, presented over 40 hours, is designed for graduates of the Wilderness Advanced First Aid (WAFA) program looking to continue their training and upgrade their certification to the Wilderness First Responder (WFR) level. This comprehensive course will review concepts learned in earlier courses and and offer a greater focus on evacuation strategies, situational incident command, and leadership as well as an expanded array of wilderness medical protocols.

To enroll, students must have an unexpired Wilderness Advanced First Aid (WAFA) certificate from either WMA or another approved provider such as Sirius, Solo, Wilderness Medical Institute (WMI), or Slipstream. A review package will be sent to the student and must be completed before the start of the course.
Upcoming Courses: April 8-11, 2014
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Back-country Navigation Level 1
2 Day Certification Experience
This is an introductory program ideal for those who may be wild about the outdoors but haven’t ever engaged in any formal navigational training. This two day program focuses on the important essentials of map, compass and G.P.S. technologies and how to use each reliably in back-country environments. This experience is a perfect primer for Teachers, Experiential Educators, Hunters, aspiring Adventure Racers, Recreational Backpackers and emerging Outdoor Professionals looking to be mentored in what is quickly becoming a forgotten art form.

Upcoming Courses: May 3-4, 2014 at Laurentian University
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Outdoor Educator Certification ProgramOutdoor Educator Certification Program
Modular Certification & Training Program for Adults 18+
Unlike any other, the Outdoor Educator Certification Program through Leaders of the Day is the perfect ignition experience for those interested in launching a career in experiential or adventure-based education and for those keen to develop the required skills to become a skilled wilderness practitioner or Expedition Leader.

Eligible for 1.5 Brock University Credits!


May 28 to June 26, 2014 (All Modules – 41 Days)

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University of Guelph Trailhead Program

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